Road to Success Lower Elementary I Chinese Learning Book – A1

Since I’m learning Chinese (Slowly, but it will get better), I want to share some material that could be helpful for you. You won’t find here the PDF of the book because of copyright, but I can assure you that a little bit of googling is enough to find it.



  • My dictionary is the well-known App Pleco. It offers a very comfortable dictionary, where you can also learn how to write characters.

Learn chinese

It might be, according to my friends, a bit out-dated. However, it still holds up and it offers a good base to learn Chinese.

Learn to write Chinese characters

  • Since only a limited version exists on Pleco, I recommend
  • A free website where you can learn like in Pleco how to write. Here, you have all the characters and it’s easy. However, you will need to search with the Chinese character. So, a double use of Pleco and this website might be the best.

Exercise sheet / Exam for Lesson 1-5

I made a little exam for myself and my friend. For most of the tasks, you will need to learn from lesson 1-5, but there are a few extra-words needed, but are also worth learning.