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Summer is here, winter and spring are over and therefore an excellent time to declutter.
Summer is here, winter and spring are over and therefore an excellent time to declutter.

Today’s article talks about what I will declutter this summer as an extreme minimalist and what You can declutter too. Be a minimalist!

First of all, let’s start with what you can declutter

What you can declutter this summer

Every summer, there is the chance to look back and take a look at what you didn’t use during the winter.

Clothing and Shoes

Let’s face it: You probably have some clothes or shoes that you didn’t wear during winter. I do too (more on that later). 

This is the perfect time to go through your stuff and sort out the old clothes that just lie there. 

Based on experience, winter needs the most clothes. Pull-overs, jackets, boots, scarfs and the list goes on. 

If you didn’t use them, you likely never will.

Always remember the one year rule.

Decorations and gifts

You also could take a look at what you got at Christmas or at any sale during the winter. In addition, walk around your flat or house and see if there are things or decorations that are either old or overwhelming. Try to donate them or throw it away.

Another big thing during christmas are the decorations. When I was younger, my family had some outside and inside the house. However, I clearly remember boxes of lights and more that just stayed in the attic.
Again, this is a good time to sort through your stuff and throw away the trash.

Declutter for the summer

The last category looks not back at winter, but forwards. Since Summer and Autumn are near, you should be aware of all the gear you have.

I’m talking about camping equipment, things for swimming, swimwear, clothing and more. The idea is that you still have the equipment, and don’t need to buy another one. 

Far too often have I seen people buy new things, only to discover that they already had it. 

Well, these are my three ideas. If you want to know more, you could read about How to declutter my home? 3 Methods.

What I need to declutter

If you have followed my french blog, you might know that I had the privilege to go to France for 6 months. This is an awesome opportunity to apply some rules or tricks that I have written about.

One year rule

First of all, there is the one year rule that can be applied in some form. Back at home, I put everything into boxes and labeled them. In fact, I made a Google Docs form with every item I have.

Because of my trip, I didn’t use anything there (duh…) and therefore I will donate or throw away a considerable amount.

The packing method

At the same time, I only took out of my luggage what I needed. This means that everything that stays in my luggage could theoretically be thrown away. 

As you can see, there are many opportunities to declutter and to minimize your stuff.

This method comes from my article How to declutter my home? 3 Methods

Change of needs and wants

Because of my stay abroad, I changed quite a lot. I had a powerful PC, smart home gadgets and more. However, since I didn’t use them I somehow lost interest in them.

That’s why I had already sold my PC and a lot of electronics. I kept a few, like one google nest, but I really don’t need it. In addition, I don’t use my smartwatch anymore. So, the selling goes on.

So, I will soon have my laptop, my phone and my airpods, in terms of electronics.

The smartwatch

I actually only kept it because I wanted to track my activities. But, I thought about it and concluded that that’s really unnecessary. I know that I do sports, so why would I need a watch?

I have my phone for when I go walking or biking, but only to track the route. 

If we are already talking about electronics, here’s a funny article about 6 Smart Home Devices that Are Totally Useless.