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I wrote articles about minimalism, frugality and more. Here, I want to show you the different communities that exist on Reddit. They can not only give you ideas, but also help you or a simple discussion is also possible. 

Frugal Living: Waste Less-Gain More! – r/Frugal and frugality

r/Frugal and frugality on Reddit
r/Frugal and frugality on Reddit

Let’s begin with frugal living, a platform where the main topic is saving money. You can find hacks, tips, discussion and people who need advice. For instance, there’s a post who indicates that “Frugality is becoming more and more difficult” because of rising food prices.

I find especially the own Wiki interesting and it clarifies a lot. For instance, you can read that “R/frugal has always been made up of a wide socioeconomic range of people. Our community is skewed towards younger people in financial trouble trying to figure how to be more frugal. Advice often comes from people who haven’t figured it out themselves. It is a learning process for the questioner and the answerer.”

Minimalism – r/minimalism on Reddit

r/minimalism on Reddit
r/minimalism on Reddit

Next, there’s r/minimalism where you find the same topics and discussion, but this time focused on minimalism. The themes are often also spiritual, like the post “Minimalism helps in mental health as well”. However, you can also find themes about food preparation techniques, minimalist recipes, the benefits of being a minimalist and more.

(Click here if you want to understand the difference between frugality and minimalism and if there is a difference).

Declutter – r/declutter on Reddit

r/declutter on Reddit
r/declutter on Reddit

This is sort of a part of minimalism, but here it’s its own thing. People talk about their journey to declutter, the good feelings and discuss methods to declutter. Even though you could read on my article How to declutter my home? 3 Methods, there are way more solutions out there. 

This subreddit has rather a lot of advice requests on how to declutter. So, I’m sure that you will probably find your answer here, like if you are  Looking for advice in letting go

Other Subreddits on Reddit

Are there more? Yes, a lot! In fact, there’s a whole list on this site who links to other subreddits like BuyItForLife or FinancialIndependence or Preppers.

Finally, I wanted to highlight the R/Frugal’ FAQ on the same site which consists of older posts, but where you have a complete answer.

Themes like Budgeting, Saving & Paying Down Debts or Food in a crisis can be found here.

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