What is minimalism? How and why become a minimalist

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As you can see, this is also minimalism, not only the soul-crushing white picture circulating in the web

Let’s begin with a personal story: Back when I lived with my family, I always had a lot of stuff, but really, a lot. This probably explains my opposite reaction as soon as I got older. I am now a minimalist, and I would like to show you the benefits of it, like saving a lot of stress, energy and money.

What is minimalism

If you searched for this website, then you may already have a certain idea. However, let me also clarify a few misconceptions.

What it is: Minimalism is a lifestyle. Generally, you try to own less possessions and therefore have more freedom and flexibility. This also translates to a lot of other things, like having a clean and tidy phone, workplace, computer etc.

You might look around you and think “Hm, it isn’t so bad, everything looks okay to me”, but then you go to your closet, the attic or the garage and things probably change. The majority of this ‘stuff’ does not serve any purpose, but only creates weight. The old computer that you might repair, the old grill, wood in various forms, parts of an old machine, old luggage or old memories; all these things are just there and gather dust, nothing else. 

Minimalism helps you to realize that all this ‘stuff’ doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. With a few methods, which I will explain in another page, you can cut down on your possessions and have finally more freedom.

What it isn’t: You probably have seen the ‘minimalist’ pictures: Everything white, extremely clean and there are, for instance, in a kitchen no tools, nothing. This is in my opinion a misrepresentation! You don’t have to become a soulless machine with no feelings. 

This is rather extreme minimalism

Everyone can interpret the concept ‘minimalism’ and make it work in his/her life. No one has to force themselves to become A certain type. I will make an example: Say that you live in an apartment, have an adult child and like taking pictures. Now, you can keep your camera and other utensils which you need. But maybe you have an attic or a cellar, and there are still your child’s clothes, old furniture, books etc. 

Do you really need it? No.

Basically, the goal is that you can live your life comfortably in the present, without keeping things from the past.

Why become a minimalist

Minimalism is a lifestyle. By having less, and appreciating the objects you have, you can get along in life much more easily. Let’s take a look at some practical examples: To move somewhere, cleaning your house or flat, or just living…all these actions involve your possessions. The problem: The more you have, the more it slows you down. And again: Do you really need the old clothes that you haven’t worn for years? Do you really need it? No

How become a minimalist

Now this is a great question. The short answer is: Get rid of your old stuff and buy less new things. The long answer: To become a minimalist might sound easy, but it really isn’t. It involves a lot of self-discipline, different methods to keep accumulation of useless things at bay and a healthy social environment. In my next articles, I will present methods on how to declutter your home, rules that make this process easier and more!

Take a look at my article How to declutter my home? 3 Methods, where I introduce the first steps to become a minimalist.

Wikipedia offers you a nice view in the story of this topic: Wikipedia

Last story of today: The non-minimalist

Definitely not a minimalist

It was actually pure coincidence. I was walking my dog and looked up to some apartments, just out of curiosity. And there I saw it: Someone who really would need help and minimalism

It looks like this person doesn’t only use the surface of the flat, but the volume. My friend said: “ This is three-dimensional thinking” . 

Anyway, what I wanted to show you is an extreme example of hoarding. Always keep track of your stuff and one step after another, you will feel free-er and better.