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The 10 things I got rid of as a minimalist don't have to be always thrown away. Recycling or giving away are even better!
The 10 things I got rid of as a minimalist don’t have to be always thrown away. Recycling or giving away are even better!

In this article I show you 10 things I got rid of as a minimalist. The process to a minimalist lifestyle can help you too to have less clutter. Here are therefore 10 categories that were taking up too much space, energy and even didn’t really need them.

However, remember that this is a process. Continue here if you want to know How to declutter my home? 3 Methods or How to maintain a clean and decluttered home

#1 Clothes

The first category I got rid of as a minimalist are clothes. Okay, rather narrowed down than got rid of. 

I, as well as everyone else, have many clothes for different activities and occasions. However, I saw that I didn’t wear them all and that for the most part and that they just stayed in my wardrobe.

So, I put the worn clothes to a different pile and slowly I saw which ones I was wearing. Wash the clothes and do this for a few weeks. If you wear new clothes, put them afterwards on the new pile. 

Finally, I had over 60% of my wardrobe still there and I haven’t touched them for a month. After sorting through them and taking out my suit, I donated the rest. 

#2 Electronics

Next up were electronics. I had a lot of cables, old phones, a gaming pc, screens etc. You probably too have a lot of devices and cables that might just lay around. 

So, I began slowly to think about what I needed and what not. I began to sell a few things like Philips Hue lights or my older Pc. 

Sell your old electronics and get rid of all the cables. In my case, I have reduced a lot and now I have only a laptop, a phone and a few gadgets. 

Recently, I decided to sell my smartwatch, because charging it was always a hassle and it didn’t actually give any value.

#3 Dishes and cutlery

Long story short: I had really a lot of dishes, forks, knives, different drinking glasses and more. I figured that I don’t really need them and made a drastic cut. The only things I kept were for 4 people, so 4 glasses, 4 dishes etc. 

I imagine that this might not work for you, but still try to get rid of as much as you can. Look at which things you didn’t use so much and try to donate them. 

#4 Books

The first time I moved, I realized how heavy paper is. Therefore, I donated 80% of my books, threw away all documents and scanned the important ones. 

Now, I have one Shoebox with books and documents and that’s it. 

Every book I read is either from a library or a PDF. This is way more practical and even good for the environment. 

#5 Documents

As I mentioned in the category books, I also got rid of almost all the documents. Important ones got scanned and everything else went into the bin.

However, you can’t throw away everything. I have kept contracts, warranties or diplomas.

#6 Online

Yes, this category also fits into 10 things I got rid of as a minimalist. 

Clean up your phone, get rid of unnecessary apps and declutter your cloud.

I usually go through the painful experience of always setting up my PC or phone without a backup. 

#7 Memories

Childhood memories, books from first grade, old pictures and more memories normally collect dust somewhere and do not serve any purpose.

This step here is quite difficult and will require some energy. 

If you need to keep something, then scan the pictures and make photos of your objects. I couldn’t throw some old statues away that I made in school, so I decided to take pictures. In the end,  this works well for me. 

Maybe you can donate some objects and give them a new life.

I use the android app Clear Scan. Iphone users can use the scanner from Apple if you go into Notes > Camera > Documents.

#8 Gifts

Gifts from relatives or friends are sometimes nice, sometimes not. 

Like with memories, try to get rid of these gifts that you don’t use. 

#9 You newer know if you need it

This excuse to keep something is very common. I too said, before I became more minimalist, that this tool might be useful some day and so I didn’t throw it away. The solution is rather easy, it is a rule: The one year rule. 

Everything you didn’t use in a whole year you throw away. 

Nowadays, it is easy to rent tools and more in cities. Get to know your local workshops and shops that work towards a world that consumes less. And the best thing: You probably save money.

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#10 Furniture

Finally, after getting rid of all these things, you should see that some furniture is empty. 

Therefore, you should sell or throw them away too. If you don’t use your furniture, you don’t need it.