How to find a cheap and good flight ticket to China – 1

So, the first thing is actually not a Visa, but a flight ticket. This process is quite simple:

  • Find your flight from your country (or other, like me in Italy) to China. They don’t care where your flight started or will return. (This applies for Europe at least…)
  • Search on google flights, or other websites. Take a look on my website Getting around – Flights or on the ground. I also frequently use
  • I prefer to stay with the same company, so the tickets are the same. I also only buy on the website of the airline, if I can, that eliminates the middleman and also a lot of problems.
  • So, if you find a good deal on the price-comparing-websites, head to the official site and look at what they offer.

Websites to search flights

There are several ways to search for flight tickets. Here is a selection of them:

Number 1

The best website with an app. Easy, seamless and the best prices.

For saving

In my experience, you can find here the cheapest tickets.

However, they may be the most uncomfortable.

Google flights


Tracks prices and displays a lot of information, when the ticket is cheaper.

Often higher prices than the other two websites.

Pay attention to these common errors:

Good, you found your flight, which is at least 1 month in the future. (You can also book a flight which is in 1 week, but why stress yourself? You still have the visa to do.)

Your Name

  • Your full name must be on it, middle name, second name or whatever. You don’t want to risk it. If you fly in Europe or else, no one cares, but in this case they do.
  • You can stay only up to 3 months (90 days) as a tourist.
  • The ticket must be round-trip.
Tourist taking photo of a building
close up of human hand

Everything done?

  • Well, you bought your ticket and that’s it. Congrats. That was the easy part.

A little story from me: I forgot my middle name and was freaked out. Luckily, I booked with the same airline, and also on their website. The customer service was excellent, I could write them on Whatsapp, and for a small fee, they changed the tickets. Easy and quick.

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