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 You have to do some cleaning and declutter your home

Today we’re going to take a look at three different methods on how to declutter your home. You should feel motivated, ready for some change and may ask yourself: Hm, I see all my stuff, but how should I get rid of my clutter?

First of all

Before looking at the different methods, you should think on how to declutter. Do not just take a bag and throw everything away, this just is a waste of money and resources. Do rather the following things, one after another:

  • Ask friends/neighbors/other family if they want something of it
  • Try to sell some items. I sold quite a lot of technical equipment
  • Maybe you can donate clothes, furniture, books etc.
  • Consider filling a box with glasses, books etc., write ‘free’ on it and put it near a bus station. Very common here in Switzerland.
  • But if nothing works, then throw it away. 

The one at a time method

This one is fairly simple, but also very effective. It is like the common saying: One step after another.

With this method, you take one item a day and give/throw it away. Yes, it takes a long time, but if you are consistent and make yourself a daily reminder, sooner or later you will see a change. 

But look out, you need to control the ‘incoming stream’ too. If you throw away one item a day, but buy something else instead, nothing changes. This is why you should be aware that minimalism is a lifestyle, not a one time thing. You should moderate yourself and therefore consume less.

The packing method, in my opinion the best one for decluttering

The second method is a faster way to declutter your home and my favourite one. Anyway, it also comes with its hurdles.

Packing method with or without moving somewhere

Now, there are three steps

  • Try to get rid of your stuff as much as you can before packing
  • Pack everything in your boxes.
    • Labelling: Pack thematically, so everything from your bathroom comes in the box labeled ‘Bathroom’ etc.
    • Do not mix chambers or throw all the items somewhere, this creates only a mess.
  • Now, the most important part
    • Moved or not, it doesn’t matter, the idea is the same
    • After packing, take only the things you need out of the boxes, nothing else.
    • Continue like that a month, maybe two, and you will see that a lot of stuff is still in the boxes, and you haven’t touched them for a long time
    • Actually, take a look at my article How to maintain a clean and decluttered home, who tackles this topic
  • So, what now?
    • Declutter. You have to look at your unused items and decide for yourself what you really need, and whatnot. Sentimental items, seasonal clothes are probably still necessary, but the other clutter…rather not.
    • Or, keep this experiment going. (I will talk about this in another article)

Pack and declutter with friends

This decluttering method can make more fun and is certainly faster. Ask friends or your family if they can help you pack your stuff. But remember, you yourself have to finally decide what you keep and what not.

The idea is not that if you move to your new place, you will buy everything again… The idea is that you keep this minimalist lifestyle.

The competition method

The last method involves someone like-minded, or you find someone on reddit or so. You get rid of stuff together and motivate each other in this way. Person 1 says “Hey, I have thrown away 15 items this week…look at my bedroom, it changed so much!” Person 2 “ Wow, nice, but look at this: 20 items in my living room”. 

This way has the benefit that you are looking out for another.

I find this article very interesting since it writes about how competition affects your brain and motivation.

So, these are the methods I used for diminishing my mess. In the next article, I will write about how to maintain a clean and decluttered home. Until then, happy decluttering.