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This site focuses on minimalism. You can find tips and other information around this great style of living. With minimalism, you can save money, enjoy a life with less stuff and therefore be able to free up space, mentally and physically.

What is minimalism? How and why become a minimalist

This article focuses on the term minimalists and expires it for the first time and clears some misconceptions.

How to declutter my home? 3 Methods – Embrace minimalism

Here we take a look at three methods that make the decluttering process easier

How to maintain a clean and decluttered home – minimalism

You might ask yourself after the initial decluttering, how to maintain this state for a longer period. Let me show you how I stay being a minimalist.

What is the end goal of minimalism? Be a minimalist!

You have probably read about minimalism and the methods which help to declutter your life. Here I will tell you what the end goal is.

Extreme minimalism – What is it? Benefits and drawbacks

This article shows you what extreme minimalism is, how to get there and the benefits and drawbacks – be a minimalist

How I became a minimalist, and then an extreme minimalist

Do you know how I became a minimalist, and then an extreme minimalist? I will show you how I started this awesome journey.

Extreme minimalist and light Travel Packing List

This article shows you what you should and maybe shouldn’t put in your carry-on backpack. Here’s a minimalist and light travel packing list