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Hi there! Here you can find information around saving money, living frugally, minimalism and much more!

What means frugal and how do I become frugal

Let me explain what living frugally means, what the benefits are and show you a few examples on how to reduce cost. Be frugal!

How to travel frugally? Top websites to consider when travelling on a budget.

Let me show you several sites which are really helpful in saving a ton of money if you plan and take a trip somewhere.

Best ways how to to save money

I will show you where you probably spend a lot of money and also list a few tips on the best ways to save money.

Save money and eat healthy, the guide – Yes, it’s possible

This article helps you to save money when buying food and shows you that super healthy food is actually very affordable. Be smart!

Maximum weight and size of carry-on luggage on budget airlines

I will show you the requirements for your carry-on luggage on the most budget airlines. In addition, you can compare them for the best value.

How to save money when travelling in Switzerland

This article helps you to save money when travelling in Switzerland. Here are several tips and ideas that help you avoid wasting money!