Extreme minimalist and light Travel Packing List

Begin packing light and sorting things out. Travel light!
Begin packing light and sorting things out.

This article is written on personal experience and for people who want to travel light. In addition, you can find an example of a carry-on which weighs only 7Kg.

In fact, you can check out my article about maximum weight and size of carry-on luggage on budget airlines. There you can check what the rules are for each budget airline.

Travel light and save money with only a carry-on

Every budget airline limits you to take your belongings on board, this is how they make money. This is why I created this article which helps you to narrow down your belongings to only the minimum.

I will show you a minimalist and light travel packing list. However, be aware that this takes a lot of time and experience, since everyone is different. While I like to carry my Laptop everywhere around, you prefer something else.

How much stuff can I take with me?

First of all, you need a carry-on. While you might search for a trolley bag on Amazon, like this one, you will quickly realise that they may be too big. That’s why you could for instance use this backpack, which does comply with all budget airlines I compared in my article. (The items are examples, not recommendations)

The lowest weight allowed by some airlines is 7Kg / 15.4 pounds. That’s the moment you have to begin experimenting and try out what suits you and what you absolutely need on your trip.

How to weigh my stuff?

You could invest in a handheld scale, but I prefer the cheaper option which involves my kitchen scale. You might have to weigh some items separately, but that’s not a big deal.

How to pack my 7Kg / 15.4 pounds carry-on?

First, let’s start with the backpack I used before as an example. It weighs 1.56 pounds / 0.7 Kg

The laptop and electronics

Now, weight is really important if you have to consider every gram. In addition, you might need a travel adapter and some cables. This is why you need a light laptop and other gear, like an macbook air or a similar windows laptop. 


After the Backpack, the laptop and electronics, we have already consumed a lot of weight. 

It is important to know that you should wear the heaviest items. This is especially important if you, like me, live in a climate that can get cold. 

As a result, you will only be able to carry a few T-Shirts, Socks and underwear. Other items like a Scarf or a bonnet are preferably on you.

Since you have almost no clothes, you will need to wash them every 2 or so days in the sink, but at least you saved some money!


Last, but not least, is hygiene. Take only the most essential, like a comb, some band-aid and your toothbrush. I also saw from other minimalists, that they carry a bar of soap. This is actually a great idea since it’s not liquid and therefore passes through security. 

Adjust according to the measured weight and add or remove things. You can always buy these things later on.

What you don’t need

There are a lot of things Amazon tries to sell you and which are useless. You don’t need to buy the minimalist backpack, the merino-wool socks, packing cubes, the Down Puffer Jacket or other expensive gear. Sure, there are certainly upgrades available, but you don’t have to. Stick to what you know and have already used for a long time.

Summary – Extreme light travel

As you have seen, there isn’t much to carry if you only have 7 Kg available. This is why it’s important to weigh everything and not to add anything if you’re shopping in the airport. 

Finally, I want to inform you that this process might take some time. For me, it was a process over several years which led me slowly to minimalism and then extreme minimalism. However, I am happy and this process was also very interesting. 

Well, I wish you a nice journey and until next time.

A final tip: Bring along your empty water bottle and fill it up in the airport.